"Crown Moulding & Millwork, Home Lighting, Furnishing & Decor since 2003"

"While the Fratta brand recalls the past of a man who gave his life to the supply and service of his customers. The Fratta.com brand of today has grown into an American, "Coast to Coast" experience."

About Fratta.com

Fratta-Logo-On-Office-BuildingFratta.com is an online distribution retailer servicing the Continental US and Canada. Our diverse warehousing operations, spread throughout the United States, provide faster processing, shipping and delivery for all of your Home improvement purchases.

The creation of Fratta.com became necessitated after 10 years of selling building supplies and home décor products across a large number of internet platforms. Fratta.com brings together the diversified home improvement resources of our many established websites, forming one unique destination to better service our substantial and growing customer base.

When you purchase from Fratta.com, you can be confident that your products have been sourced from a select group of importers, suppliers and manufacturers, who have already established a track record after years of working with us. This unique group of manufactures have earned their inclusion within the Fratta home furnishings, lighting and millwork brand.

Fratta manufacturers have already demonstrated a reputation for upholding the following defined standards of service and supply before their products are featured within this websites offerings:

PRICE: If you feel that you need to compare prices to other sites, then we are not doing our job. Together with Fratta’s manufacturer support, you can be confident that you will not be paying more for a manufacturer’s product, than you would for the same items found on a competing website.

STOCK LEVELS: We understand how frustrating it can be to order products online, only to find out that they are not actually in-stock. Fratta’s warehouses commit to and uphold a 95%-plus fill rate. In the rare opportunity that your item is not in stock, you will be notified within 24hrs, during business hours, giving you the option to adjust your order accordingly. Additionally, we update our inventory counts regularly so that our customers are fully apprized of current availability.

Furniture-Lighting-ServiceSERVICE: Through our chosen lighting brands and furniture manufacturers, Fratta is able to offer competitive and effective shipping and return policies, assuring a smooth and efficient transaction from start to finish. Using our dedicated and secure checkout system you can remain confident that your information is safe and secure, while your orders are sent directly to the warehouse for immediate processing.

VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: Our customers are the best judge of value that we have, so we are always anxious to hear from you. We endeavor to only provide home improvement products that represent good value for the money spent; and according to our customers, that is exactly what we have been doing online since 2003.

The Fratta Tradition . . . long before eCommerce:
The legend of Homer FrattaWhile the beginnings of Fratta.com’s online brand can be traced back to the turn of the century, our family roots go much deeper; and while the Legend of Homer Fratta, may be nothing more than folklore, it does lend to the Fratta company of today, words to live by, as we carry on the Fratta Family tradition. [click here]

Many of our directors and employees have been in the customer service and retail business since the earliest 1980’s and the president of the company comes from a long line of Furniture and Home décor suppliers reaching back to 1923.

“We’ve been doing this for a while now and we love what we are doing. We believe that every new order, regardless of size, is one more opportunity to prove ourselves in today’s very public arena of online ecommerce; and every repeat customer that we have earned, proves that we are accomplishing that goal.”