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Distribution Retailing
"When ordering online I expect three things: Quality, Service & Speed . . . but it always seems that I can get the most of just two of these choices, while sacrificing the other . . . though we do try."

Fratta.com is proud to be considered one of the online, eCommerce trend setters embracing the latest in supply channel techniques. As a distribution retailer, Fratta.com is able to deliver more home improvement products and supplies to it’s growing list of North American customers faster than traditional supply channels would allow.

While many online home furniture, lighting or building supplies retailers continue to rely on products stocked and shipped from one centralized warehouse, a distribution retailer harnesses the productivity and geographical benefits of multiple warehouse facilities spread strategically throughout the United states.

More Warehouses mean More Options:
More warehouses in more states mean shipping costs can be kept down; and with so many people wanting “free shipping” online, this becomes all the more important. The truth is, that nobody ships anything for free; it’s always built into the price someplace: As a distribution retailer, with multiple warehouse locations, less distance means lower shipping costs, so that Fratta.com is able to pass on more savings to it’s online customers.

Inventory Levels:
Another benefit of Distribution Retailing is the ability to offer more products from more manufactures. With a greater number of warehouses, we are able to stock a larger range of products; and if the warehouse nearest our customer runs out, another steps in to fill the order. This in itself translates into the order fill-rates that exceed industry Standards.