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The Story of Homer Fratta
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The Story of Homer Fratta:
..... for as much as we would like to believe.

Antique PhotographHomer Fratta was born the youngest son within a large family of carpenters, craftsmen and furniture makers amongst the lush fields and valleys of Northern Italy in the Late 1800’s. Growing up around the family workshop, Homer gained great knowledge of carpentry, upholstering techniques and other manners of household decorating popular for that period. His Father would often take young Homer to the homes that would later be supplied with the Fratta families furniture and décor. It was during these adventures that Homer gained a strong and evident appreciation of color, scale and other necessary requirements for the creation of good home décor; and it was Homers father that first taught him, that “it is our job to instill a sense of pride within the home”, often commenting that “the job is not finished until the customer feels proud to be home”.

In 1893, Homer emigrated to America, in search of his dream to be part of the new world, where he would pursue opportunities not available within the established villages and towns where he was raised. In an early 1900’s America, carpenters, craftsmen and designers were often sought out and well rewarded for their talents at a time when many other immigrants where left to occupations of hard labor.

Furniture-store-street-sceneBy the end of 1919, Homer was operating out of a large two story shop with 35 employees in a neighborhood that only five years previously was considered the edge of town. Now central within a growing American city, he found himself surrounded by many of the residences that he had supplied with his fabricated household products, including fine furnishings and housewares imported from England, Europe and Asia.

One popular story of how the Fratta shop rose to fame followed a grand dinner party arranged by a local socialite. The year was 1914.

Homer had spent the past year and a half designing the home to include the latest in building materials and décor, while also supplying the enormous kitchen with elegant cabinets, decorative surfaces and the most modern appliances. Homer had managed every detail himself, making sure that the final outcome was nothing short of exceptional.

That evening, the proud hostess showed guests through her new surroundings, often mentioning how fortunate she was to have found Fratta; a comment in itself, that was often echoed within the community and surrounding region.

outdoor-garden-partyAs time went on, the word “Fratta” became more of a concept than simply the name of one man or his business. People for miles around came to use “Fratta” to express something special that they had discovered or experienced. Comments of “I found my Fratta”, or “This is Fratta” would be used to describe everything from a wonderful sunset over a scenic vista, to a huge table full of friends and family enjoying dinner outside on a warm summer’s day.

Homer Fratta Lived a long and satisfying life, doing what he loved most, in a country that embraced him and his many talents; a country that he was so proud to call home. Surrounded by his wife Elena, six children and numerous grandchildren, Homer passed peacefully in 1949; Elena passed on just 4 years later. In her eulogy it was commented how fortunate she was to have found Fratta so early in life, and how she too will now join her love; for one last time, Proud to be home.