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"When you spend on the things you want today, you will earn-esto-bucks, for the things you may need tomorrow."

The Esto-Bucks Rewards Program
Be Rewarded for Shopping at Fratta.com

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It pays to earn Esto-Bucks Reward Points.
Every time you make a purchase with Fratta.com you'll receive points based on the total amount of your purchase. We call these points "Esto-Bucks". It's a great way to save on your next purchase whether it's for you or someone special and it's our way of saying "Thanks" for being a part of the Fratta.com family of shoppers.

Here's how it works:
  1. For every dollar you spend on Fratta.com merchandise, you will receive one Esto-Buck.
  2. Once you've placed your order and it has shipped, your Esto-Bucks will be redeemable in 10 days.
  3. To view your Esto-Bucks Balance; simply go to MyRewards.
  4. Enter the total amount (in Esto-Bucks) you'd like to redeem below (35 Esto-Bucks= $1).
  5. You're now ready to save on your next purchase. Upon placing your order, your available Esto-Bucks will automatically be deducted from the total purchase amount.

Available Esto-Bucks: $(AvailablePoints)
Pending Esto-Bucks: $(PendingPoints)

shopping-rewards Want to learn more about the Esto-Buck Rewards Program?
For more information, see the Terms & Conditions.

Why “Esto-Bucks”?

Il più si salva oggi, più si avrà a disposizione domain

According to those in the know: Homer Fratta had a brother in law, Ernesto Frugale; noted in family lore as a very wise man. He grew in later years to become a very successful banker and business man.

As a banker, Ernesto was often remembered for his many bits of wisdom that he would impart upon his family, friends and customers. One popular verse of note . . .

“The more you save today . . . the more you will have available tomorrow”

Given Ernesto’s reputation for financial wisdom, we thought it only fitting to name our rewards program after this astute individual. So it is for this reason, that when you enjoy spending less at Fratta.com, you are rewarded with even more; and we call this form of savings “Esto-Bucks”.

When you spend on the things you want today,
you will earn-esto-bucks, for the things you may need tomorrow.